Hauho Music Festival

Is a chamber music festival in Finland, spread out around Häme region.

Founded in 2002 the festival has earned a reputation as a comfortable alternative for the huge festivals. Comfortable and cosy, yet offering high-class concerts in the beginning of July.

Concerts take place in old Churches and other historical surroundings around the city of Hämeenlinna, and naturally in our home for the week, Hahkiala Manor.

In addition of culinary delicacies before and after concerts, the Hahkiala Manor also offers high-quality accommodation for the festival guests at nearby Hahkialan Uiskola

Don´t hesitate to contact us if you wish to learn more!


Mikko Ivars & Olli Kilpiö

Artistic directors, founders

info (at) hauhofestival.fi

4.-8.July 2017

Tuesday 4.July 2017

Renko Church 19.00

Ylioppilaskunnan laulajat - YL male voice choir

Jean Sibelius, Toivo Kuula, Leevi Madetoja, Selim Palmgren and Einojuhani Rautavaara

Wednesday 5.July 2017

Hahkiala Manor 14.00

W.A. Mozart : Sonata for piano and violin in A major
Robert Schumann: Sonata for piano and violin in A minor
Johannes Brahms:Sonata for piano and cello in E minor

Eriikka Maalismaa, viulu - Emil Holmström, piano - Mikko Ivars, cello

Turvantalo, Lammi 19.00
Seppo Kantonen, piano
Teemu Viinikainen, guitar
String Quartet of Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra:
Ilkka Lehtonen - Petri Päivärinne, violin
Tuomas Huttunen, viola
Ilmo Saaristo, cello

Thursday 6.July 2017

Hahkiala Manor 14.00
Young Artist 2017:
Ossi Tanner, piano

Claude Debussy: Images, Gigues
Joseph Haydn: Sonata in E flat major
Ludwig van Beethoven: Sonata in F minor “Appassionata”

Hattula Church 19.00

Egon Kornauth: String Sextet
W.A. Mozart: Grande Sestetto Concertante

Virtuosi di Kuhmo

Friday 7.July 2017

Hahkiala Manor 14.00

W.A.Mozart: Duo for violin and viola in G major
W.A.Mozart: Duo for violin and viola in E-flat major

Emma Vähälä, violin - Olli Kilpiö, viola

Jean Cras: String Trio

Eriikka Maalismaa, violin - Riitta-Liisa Ristiluoma, viola- Mikko Ivars, cello

Hauho Church19.00

Jean Sibelius: Flower-suite
Jean Sibelius: Impromptu
Jean Sibelius: Romance
Johannes Brahms: Piano Quintet

Ossi Tanner, piano - Emma Vähälä - Anna-Leena Haikola, violin - Olli Kilpiö, viola- Tuomas Lehto, cello

Saturday 8.July 2017

Hahkiala Storehouse Club 19.00

Marzi Nyman (gtr) & Co

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starting 1.May 2017